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Our Story

Our Story

Oliverio Stilo Company S.r.l. is a new and innovative company, located in the “heart” of Milan’s business centre.

We believe that food is the basis for prevention of any pathologies known nowadays.

From 2009 Esseline Milano International has distinguished itself in the phyto-therapeutic sector. We are specialists in researching raw and natural products for the development of our health products. Our priority is the consumer, our valued customer’s welbeing, not the needs and interests of the market. Our philosophy is to continously research and develop natural medicine for the consumer’s overall welbeing. Here at Esseline we don’t use Ogm or chemicals. This makes our products extremly user friendly, easily absorbed by the body and anybody can use them.

Such products on one side, being the result of the experience made in the pharmacies, satisfy the request of the market and on the other side, thanks to the research made and to the medical practice, are very efficient to treat certain pathologies without producing any negative effects on the body. The above guarantees that Oliverio Stilo Company S.r.l. continues to achieve its goals, because we believe that nature takes care of man and vice versa.

At the same time, OSC Farma was also born, the company branch that deals with drugs. We work only with Italian manufacturing companies that certify the origin and quality of raw materials.